About Us….

We are young parents who have taken to blogging & vlogging to document the adventure that we are having bringing up our little girl LT. Some posts will be light hearted and some will be brutally honest and emotional. We are seriously into music and food and are keen to write reviews on what is happening locally to us with a musical/foodie twist!

Here is a bit more info:


Name: Dave

Guest writer for¬†Don’t Believe The Hype.

Loves: Music, food (cooking & eating), craft beer, whisky, good walks, being anywhere near the sea.

Special Power: the ability to sleep through anything, seriously anything.

Secret obsession: Coffee.

Man crush: Jamie Oliver.

Favourite travel destinations: Amalfi Coast Italy and Perranporth Cornwall.


Name: Lorna

Loves: Cheese, cake, shoes, the sea, glitter and travelling.

Special power: the ability to function on minimal sleep.

Secret obsession:  Prosecco (I am not an alcoholic!!!)

Girl crush: Emma Willis.

Favourite travel destinations: New York, Capri and the New Forest.