Our Birth Story Chapter Two.


So we wanted to document the arrival of our second little bean just like we did with LT so that we can a) look back fondly on it and b) actually remember it as everything seems to go by in a flash nowadays!

I won’t steal Lorna’s thunder by telling you about the birthing plan but just as with LT’s arrival, the fact that it contained the word plan is ironic!

We did hypnobirthing this time around and we tell that story another time.

So pretty much just like it was the first time around we spent the last couple of weeks of the pregnancy feeling super prepared and organised then when Lorna came into LT’s room to tell me that her waters had broken every plan we had made and all the preparation went out the window!

I think that we are both pretty calm people but the fact is, no matter how many birthing books you have read or how long you spend googling birth plans that ‘sh*t we are about to have a baby’ feeling will always strike!

I did my best to keep Lorna calm and we called the triage number at the hospital.

I don’t know if the lady that took the call got her wires crossed or whether it was just the anticipation mixed with the excitement of it all but we ended the call thinking that because the waters had probably broken we would be having a C section that night.

Anyway, the advice was to just ‘take it easy at home’ and go into the maternity ward soon.

We had dinner and waited for LT’s Nonna and Aunty Faye to come over. Luckily that night LT had dropped off to sleep really quickly so at least we didn’t have that to worry about.


It only seems like yesterday when I wrote our birth story for LT and here I am again; although this time things were slightly different!

My waters broke whilst we were doing bath and bedtime for LT on Thursday 6th September. I wasn’t actually sure if they had broken as I didn’t have the full-on gush of water like I had done with LT. We decided to finish bedtime and I’d call triage for advice.

I felt quite excited but a little nervous at the same time and Dave reminded to start doing my hypnobirthing breathing to keep nice and calm.

Once I’d called, explained everything that had happened and my previous birth, the decision was made to go in and be checked over so it was full steam ahead. My Mum and Sister arrived a little later on in the evening and Dave and I went off to the hospital.

I wasn’t having any contractions but started to feel a little panicked by the fact that I could potentially be in the early stages of labour. Once I arrived on delivery suite Dave and I were ushered off to a nice little room and waited! I knew I needed to keep as calm as possible but I could feel a little bit of anxiety creeping in.

Dave was amazing and kept reminding me of our happy place to think about and to keep taking lots of deep breaths which did help.

I saw the doctor who confirmed my waters had gone. Hooray, we were having this baby. I had always said I would never be induced, I didn’t like the process of it and I didn’t want to be mauled about loads.

I wasn’t getting any contractions and I didn’t want to sit it out at the hospital for 24 hours to see if anything happened of its own accord. Once I’d explained everything to the doctor, I had decided the elective C section was the best option for me.

Armed and ready!
It wasn’t what I thought I wanted but I knew I needed to be calm for birthing our baby and if it meant a C section then this was the way both our babies would be born into this world.

I was first on the list for the morning but told I couldn’t go home so Dave and I spent the night on delivery suite. He slept, I didn’t! Standard…

Once morning arrived which seemed like the longest wait ever, our midwife came in to prep for theatre. Luckily for us, it was my community midwife I’d seen for the latter part of my pregnancy so I instantly felt calmer knowing I was going to be looked after by her.

As we walked through to theatre I remember thinking how incredibly relaxed everyone was including me to my surprise!

The radio was on, there was no way near as many staff in there as there had been when I’d had the emergency C section with LT. Once all the drugs were in and we were set up to go I lay there waiting to hear the cry. Once I did and Dave said ‘it’s a girl’, we were both in tears and couldn’t believe our little family was complete.

First cuddles with Mummy.

She’s absolutely perfect, very much like her big sister in looks but so different in temperament. ET is so incredibly chilled out which I know lots of people tell you is the case for your second baby but I can’t believe how chilled she is.

Proud big sister.

I hope that’s down to me being calmer this time around and having a very positive pregnancy and birth. It goes to show that again, my birth did not go at all how I thought but this time around I was much better prepared through hypnobirthing techniques we learned and also just feeling like I could enjoy it all more. I’m pretty sure we won’t have any more babies but I suppose never say never!!

The Taylor girls.


I didn’t really compare ET’s birth to LT’s but looking back on it, ET’s was definitely a lot calmer and I genuinely think that had something to do with the hypnobirthing techniques.

Also, ET has a really placid and calm persona and I believe that this is also because Lorna is nice and relaxed and it also helps that we sort of know what we are doing a bit more this time.

Just hangin’ out.

I experienced the same awe and admiration for all of the maternity ward staff especially the team that took care of the C section in theatre.

It makes any job that I will ever do, and that 90% of the people that I know will ever do seem completely insignificant when you consider how crucially important their day to day work is.

This feeling and also the feeling of being so, so incredibly lucky to be blessed with a healthy, beautiful baby girl again are the feelings that I remember most from LT’s birth.

I am writing this two days in to my official paternity leave and already it has reminded me that quality time at home is the single most important and most enjoyable thing in my life also.

Being a Dad rocks!

To finish on a light-hearted note though I thought I would leave you with some bullet points as a sort of guide to things that you need to know if you are a parent expecting a baby….

You bleach clean everything, twice, daily.
Everyone feels obliged to bring cake to your house for the first 8 weeks of your baby’s life (we love that!).
You don’t sleep you just sort of rest your eyes for a while as you simultaneously worry/ listen to make sure that your baby is still breathing.
Parents do three things mainly; worry, clean and worry.
Babies do three things only; eat, sleep and poo.
Caffeine is your friend.
Being a parent is the single most rewarding and lovely thing that you will ever do in your lifetime.


Until next time…..


Be excellent to each other.


The Taylors xx

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