The Not So Terrible Two’s

The Not So Terrible Two’s.

So LT turned two last month, two, two! Can you believe it!

Insert excited birthday pose here.

She definitely knows that she is two and is getting a pretty good grasp of numbers although she thinks I’m 34 and Mummy is 31 which we love!

Her main request for her birthday was to have ice cream for breakfast which we couldn’t accommodate but she did have chocolate pancakes. Well, she had the chocolate and discarded the pancakes but the thought was there!

‘I am definitely pushing these red things that contain vitamins to one side!’

The rest of her birthday mainly revolved around Trolls, she had Trolls figures, a Trolls DVD and everyone ate party food from a Trolls tablecloth whilst listening to the Trolls soundtrack.

That soundtrack also accompanies us on every car trip that we make but weirdly it isn’t getting boring yet?!

LT also discovered Duplo Lego recently on a trip to the Lego store in Brighton and she was over the moon when we ordered her a Duplo Airport with an Amazon voucher that she got for her birthday.

The excitement levels reached an all-time high with this present because it combines her new favourite discovery (Duplo) with one of her favourite places ever, second only to a Farm (the Airport).

‘I got a Lego Airport!!!!’

As LT is growing up she is definitely becoming more and more independent but I wouldn’t describe any of her behaviour as the terrible twos.

I think the politely rebellious twos is a more accurate description. She has very good manners which is great but this means that when we want her to do something that she doesn’t want to do she repeatedly says ‘no thank you’.

This and lots of animated facial expressions that she has perfected make it nearly impossible not to laugh when she is being naughty.

I’ve lost count of the amount of times I’ve had to hide my face from her or go in another room to conceal my laughter when I’m trying to tell her off.

 A Walking Commentary.

Another development is that it now takes much longer to walk anywhere because LT loves to stop at every snail/worm/blade of grass that she sees to show you and provide a commentary on it.

This leads to me desperately trying to think of new and exciting things that I can entice her along with which is no mean feat!

Nobody tells you that negotiating with a toddler is like psychological warfare, you have to get the balance right between not telling outright lies like ‘let’s walk fast to the park there’s a dragon there’ but subtle white lies are acceptable like ‘when you go to sleep at 7 pm everybody goes to sleep at 7 pm, even the cats’.

It’s difficult not to play the ‘if you don’t do this, this will happen’ card every time too.

I think Lorna is better at that game than me although she does get quite severe, I’m pretty sure I heard her tell LT that she would never see her Nonna again if she didn’t put her coat on the other day!

Anyway back to the birthday story; LT coped really well with the excitement of her 2nd birthday and we took her out for pizza which was really nice plus she got to eat a tub of ice cream that was so big most fully grown men would have struggled with it so she was one happy girl.

Always find time for a family selfie.

We will return with more tales from our Trolls obsessed toddler soon we promise!

Until next time,

Be excellent to each other.

The Taylors xx


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