Tiny Taylor Number Two

The Happiest New Year.

So on January 02nd 2018, Lorna did a pregnancy test and it was positive!

It was quite a surreal day; Lorna woke up feeling a bit funny and kind of had a gut feeling that she may be pregnant as some of the tell-tale signs were there.

I went through the same feelings that I had the first time around which are a mixed bag as I felt excited but I wanted to try and suppress the excitement just in case it was a false alarm.

The major difference this time around was that now we have LT we devote so much time to her that there is little time left to think about anything else so whereas the first time around I felt like I thought about nothing else but the pregnancy and the fact that we were trying for a baby; this time I suppose we didn’t really think about it and I think that actually helped us get pregnant quicker!


LT will be nearly two and a half by the time that Tiny Taylor 2 arrives and we are confident that she will be an amazing big sister.

She is great with other kids already and loves babies, especially the dolly that she currently insists on pushing in her buggy, feeding and wrapping up in her muslin constantly!

Check it Out I’m Gonna Be a Sister!

We thought that a 2 and a half year gap was good because they can hopefully be close enough together to play nicely but not so close that they are in the same school year and end up getting on each other’s nerves!

It feels a bit surreal really as we are so lucky for Lorna to have fallen pregnant so quickly that it hasn’t quite sunk in yet.

Blue or Pink?

I feel like we are having a boy this time,  I am going with my gut feeling because we have chosen not to find out.

However, once Lorna has a really visible bump it will be great as we will be at the stage when random old ladies approach you in the street, touch the bump and claim that they are convinced that they know the sex of the baby because ‘of the way the head lies’??!!

LT says that we are having a boy too so we are going with that for now.

Reality Check.

It doesn’t really feel real even after seeing our little human wriggling around inside at our 12-week scan.

We decided we felt ready to try again at the end of last year and although it didn’t take ages when we were trying the first time I didn’t expect it to happen straight away with tiny Taylor no. 2!

The first trimester has passed super quickly. I suppose second time around you are so focused on your toddler, or at least we were, that I hadn’t been religiously checking my baby app every day to see what was developing inside!

Overall the first 12 weeks have been very similar to when I was pregnant the first time.

I’ve felt incredibly tired and a little nauseous some days but in general pretty well. I’ve been lucky enough to be able to have a nap when LT naps after lunch which has definitely helped and has been a luxury compared to the first time when I was working full time.

We are so excited to expand our little family; I know LT is going to make a great big sister.

She loves babies and whenever we meet any she always wants to hold their hand and give them a little kiss. I am worried she’ll think we are trying to trade her in but I suppose everyone feels a little bit the same when having another baby.

Good Vibrations.

Now that we are past 12 weeks I am pretty sure that the baby can sense or hear sound so I have started the same routine that I did last time which is to place some headphones on Lorna’s bump to transmit Reggae music to the baby!

I read somewhere when we were having LT that this was a good thing to do and I figured that the low bass frequencies and gentle pace of Reggae music would be ideal for the little bean to check out.

Being our child they are being born into a house full of music so there is no time like the present to introduce them to it!

LT’s Early Reggae Sessions Have Paid Off!!

So I am sure that time will fly by now and it won’t be long until there will be another place at the table, another tiny pair of shoes by the door and another little coat hanging on the peg; we can’t wait.

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Until next time,

Be excellent to each other.

The Taylors XX

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