Do You Want to Build a Snowman?

Countdown time.

So, we are on the home stretch to Christmas, the 24-hour Mince Pie and Turkey binge is fully in sight and is just around the corner; oh boy, I can’t wait.

I will fully confess that I am one of those annoying types that start to get excited about Christmas in August. I make no apologies I bloomin’ love Christmas and now that we have LT it is a thousand times more exciting.

Last year LT had an unexplainable fear of beards which resulted in her screaming/crying anytime we got within a 10-foot radius of a Father Christmas. Even poor LT’s God Father got screamed at when we went to drop his present off due to his smartly trimmed beard.

Luckily, this year LT has overcome her fear of facial hair and is embracing Christmas. We could tell that she knew what was going on when she started saying ‘ho, ho, ho’ every time she saw a Father Christmas outfit or decoration.

LT meets the big guy.


This is, I think, partly due to the fact that she has this great knack of copying anything she sees and hears.

We will probably have to start being careful about that and maybe we should think of some replacement swear words like ‘drat’ or ‘shucks’; haven’t quite got the same ring to them though have they?

It is inevitable that it won’t be long until she hears someone say something that they shouldn’t and copies it; I suppose that every parent goes through that don’t they?

The only upside is that at the moment she has not quite managed to pronounce ‘C’s or ‘K’s so she says ‘Milt’ instead of ‘Milk’; I suppose if we hear her say ‘Fut’ we know that a blue word has been inadvertently overheard!

Its Chriiiiiisssstmaaaassss!!

The great thing about her ability to copy is that she can perfect song and dance routines from films; her current favourite is ‘Let it Go’ from the film Frozen.

She does a pretty epic ‘Let it Go’ routine on a daily basis and tonight she demanded that we play it to her on repeat whilst she ate her dinner.

She then proceeded to launch her dinner on the floor from the great height of her high chair and ended up eating mainly grapes.

She generally does ok with food but dinner time can be a challenge especially when Frozen song and dance routines are on the cards!

Enter Holiday Mode.

I am looking forward to transitioning firmly into holiday mode via the pub tomorrow, we are off to Lewes which is a really nice town with an abundance of pubs that sell Harveys real ale; yes!

I have an incredible knack of falling instantly into a relaxed state when I know a holiday has started, it falls into the same annoying category which includes my ability to sleep through literally anything, never get up in the night for a wee and spending nearly 6 months of the year looking forward to Christmas.

LT is coming on leaps and bounds lately and is slowly starting to string two or three words together which we find amazing!

She is also getting really good at giving replies to questions so we know whether she wants toast or cereal in the morning now which is handy.

I think we are pretty in tune to her own little language too, as well as ‘Milt’ she also says ‘Chot’ which is the Chocolate in her advent calendar. We have even started introducing her to the potty although at the moment she thinks it is a game involving her sitting her rabbit teddy inside and shouting ‘wee wee’ but I am confident that she will be using it in no time at all!

One of the nicest things that we have started noticing recently though is how affectionate she is. We had an awful night this week with her teething and Lorna ended up sleeping on the floor of her bedroom, Lorna woke up in the morning to LT stroking her arm saying ‘Mummy’ quietly; how cute is that!!

Time flies.

Time seems to pass in a really strange way when you are parents to a little one.

It seems like we just coast along like normal and then all of a sudden LT goes through a huge development phase and suddenly seems really grown up.

A winter walk.

It is difficult to believe that over a year has passed since we started writing this blog but we still love sharing our ramblings on here and I love that one day we can look back on it, see all the photos and read about what we were thinking at the time the posts were written.

Anyway, there are presents to wrap and beer to drink on the first night of the Christmas holidays so we hope you have enjoyed our blog this year and we look forward to sharing more stories with you in 2018!

Until next time….

Be excellent to each other.

The Taylors xxxx

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