Our Kid Knows How to Party.

Our Kid Knows How to Party.

It has been a while since we wrote an update post on how little LT is getting on, a bit like we did here, so I thought I would do it now plus we have not written a post for a while, the last one I wrote in a really tired state and it ended up sounding like the ramblings of a madman so our editor in chief (Lorna) didn’t sign it off which was probably for the best!

Our LT looking all grown up.

It ain’t that grim up norf.

So we ventured up to Manchester last weekend for LT’s cousin’s 4th birthday party.

This was our first experience of a full-on toddler’s birthday party and I understand from speaking to more experienced parents that as soon as LT turns two we will be spending at least 3 Saturdays a month at them so it was good training.

We had been briefed on what to expect by my brother who is a kid’s party veteran (I am talking hardcore, they went to two in one day recently!) so we felt prepared and ready for battle.

Party time!

It was lovely to see that LT felt immediately at home at the party, she ran off from Lorna and I as soon as she saw the dancefloor and within minutes she had found herself a balloon to play with and a children’s entertainer to befriend!

Similar to when we took LT to look around a prospective nursery for the first time, it was nice to see that she was confident enough to wander off and do her own thing.

It is fair to say that the party had everything a kid could ever wish for; loud music, cake, sausage rolls, crisps, fizzy drinks, balloons, craft, toys and even a magician!

She has got the moves.

LT loves music and we never miss an opportunity to dance around the living room like loonies at home so LT took to the dancefloor straight away.

Luckily for her, she has inherited her Mummy’s sense of rhythm as I am the proud owner of some serious Dad Dance routines.

LT is a natural though and she even has her own little shoulder shimmy move that she rocks to perfection!

The party was great and LT had an amazing time. We really enjoyed it too although I can sympathise with parents that have got war stories to share about their kid’s party experiences.

In amongst the loud screaming and thumping music there was a strange undercurrent, a bit like the feeling you would get at a football match when 2,000 drunken away fans are about to kick off at any minute, you could just sense that there could be a toddler or two in that room that was on the verge of an over-excited and hyped up melt-down at any moment!

We escaped the whole experience melt-down free though and LT was nice and calm all the way home.


In other news; LT is slowly picking up some new sounds and words including her current favourite which is the word ‘no’.

The thing is, she doesn’t yet realise that ‘yes’ is an option so she says ‘no’ to everything. This threw us a bit at first as you ask her if she wants some Blueberries which are hands down her favourite food of all time and she says ‘noooo’ in a really loud voice as if she is really against the idea, but then you hand her the Blueberries and she starts eating them!

The only letter she really still struggles with is ‘C’ but that is ok as we are starting to learn her alternatives, for instance, she just calls her Uncle Colin ‘Tu Tu’ which is much easier to say!

She is also doing other ‘big girl’ stuff like sipping from her own cup which she is very proud of, and so are we.

No more bottles for me!

Down the aisle she goes.

This weekend we celebrated my best friends wedding which was an amazing day and all the Taylor’s had a role to play! I was a bridesmaid, Dave was DJ’ing at the reception and little LT was a flower girl.

In the run-up to the wedding, we weren’t sure how LT would be on the day as although she is a fairly confident child there are times when her determination kicks in and out comes a threenager in the making…

However, we should have given her more credit as she did us proud and the entire day was an absolute dream and joy to everyone.

Peek a Boo!

The time came for us to walk down the aisle and off she went without a worry in the world. She sat through the ceremony just staring at her Auntie Sarah who looked like a princess and then she kept everyone entertained during the photos running around in her little tutu.

At one point she had about 10 other children following her around with her being the youngest by far!

Once the evening arrived and the music began she was up on the dance floor and even gate-crashed the first dance.

Uncle Jon this first dance is for me!

 She finally gave in around 10pm and went to bed having danced the night away with all the wedding guests.

We have been through a patch recently where it felt like we’d taken about 10 steps backward with everything. Bedtime was a nightmare and some nights it would take around 2 hours for LT to go to sleep.

She also went off a lot of food and just seemed to want milk all the time.

She hated being in the buggy and wanted to walk everywhere. It turned out we had a few more teeth come through all at the same time so I think it was a mixture of everything plus the fact she just seemed generally frustrated that she couldn’t tell us what she wanted. Thank goodness things have finally settled down again and ‘normality’ (I say this in the loosest term!) has resumed.

Until next time…..

Be excellent to each other.

The Taylors xx

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