Puttin’ it on Wax.

Dads Die in Hot Cars.

I am currently trapped in a hot car, not literally I could get out but it would wake LT up so I am stuck here for the next hour.

I knew that this would happen that’s why I strategically brought my laptop to write this post.

I have brought LT over to a secret location (I can’t tell you where, as it is my secret record buying location). I knew that she would fall asleep in the car so I timed it around naptime, packed my laptop and loads of snacks for her and off we went.

Lorna is at work today; this morning was a testing one. LT was miserable when she woke up at 05:45 because she is teething again and was up in the night. Although Lorna only works a few shifts a month it is still difficult on days like today when she has to go to work.

We dropped Lorna at work and inevitably LT got upset. She then started crying when we got in again and I ended up just sitting there staring into space feeling like I just didn’t have the energy for this today.

So I did what I knew would make me feel better; put a record on (‘No Sleep til’ Brooklyn’ by The Beastie Boys if you were wondering) turned it up loud and jumped around the living room making LT giggle by throwing a bouncy ball at the floor making it bounce up and hit me in the face; she loved it.

Just For The Record.

I love that LT is growing up around music and loves to dance whenever I put records on at home, but I have been thinking lately about it in a more serious way.

You see, it might sound morbid and a bit weird but I sometimes think about what I am going to leave behind.

When I am long gone I like the idea that LT will inherit my record collection. Vinyl is really collectible and the kind of thing that I usually buy, which is 80’s or 90’s era Hip Hop is only going to go up in value.

Top shelf selection.

But it’s not about value; it’s about the memories that those records hold. Hopefully, in years to come, LT will have a little record deck, or even better a set of turntables and she will only have to hear the familiar crackle when the needle hits the groove to be instantly reminded of all the fun times we have had jumping around the house to music doing silly dance routines.

Also, that record collection defines me, it defines us as a family. I sometimes buy albums just to have on in the background at home and generally, Lorna enjoys whatever I listen to so there is something in there for all of us.

The collection in all it’s glory.

Memories, Sweet Memories.

Also, individual records can bring back memories not just of listening to them but even the day we bought them. One day LT will be old enough to remember our trips to the secret location and when we play back the records we bought we can think back to those trips.

This is not an excuse to buy more records, its just another reason to buy more records.

We also stopped off to spot some flowers.

I see my record collection as a way for LT to learn too. Hip Hop is always going to be a global reaching, mass-marketed phenomenon but one day LT will be able to tell her friends how it started and show them records made by the early pioneers. I also hope that it will teach her to value things and look after them. So much in today’s world is throw away and disposable I think it is nice to have collectible items that mean something.

LT just 5 weeks old with her own little record deck.

I probably should have stayed at home today so I could try and grab a quick nap while LT slept but we haven’t ventured further than the park on the last few Sundays so I wanted to get out and do something.

Anyway lifes too short to sleep when you could be out there making memories.

Until next time….

Be excellent to each other.

The Taylors xx

Post by Daddy.



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