The Hen is Upon us.

The Hen is Upon us.

So friends, this weekend Lorna is venturing away for one of her best friend’s hen do’s.

This means that we will be apart as a family for the longest time since Lorna fell pregnant; wowzers!

Obviously, I wanted to document this adventure so that I can fondly look back on it (and use it as ammunition when the next stag do opportunity arises). I am joking obviously, Lorna is amazing and always supports my various DJ’ing, music event holding, record collecting, blogging, music making antics and it will be great for her to have a good weekend away to let her hair down.

I am not exactly going to have bags of time on my hands during the two days that Lorna is away so I am going to write this as a sort of diary post and when I am not desperately trying to catch up on sleep I will jump on and update it.

Also, I am not going to continuously hammer my Instagram feed with very well shot photos with an artistic filter of LT and I, telling everyone how I feel ‘#blessed’ at the wonderful time that we are having together.

Ok so maybe just the one photo.

This is going to be a warts and all account of 24/7 parenting on my own for the longest time I have ever tried it; so get ready!

Friday Night 22:06.

So Lorna has been away for 10 and a half hours, not that I am counting!

The first day has been a success so far, LT has eaten, had a bath and gone to sleep so the three major elements of any successful night are ticked off!

We have already started to get into our own little routines which is nice. The first routine happens just before dinner time and involves me making LT giggle hysterically whilst throwing a bouncy ball as hard as I can at the highest part of our house that I can possibly reach without it ending up in next door’s garden.

I will probably regret this when LT starts flinging her toys at the walls full pelt but for now, it is good fun.

Now throw this as high as you can please!

I walked on the wild side tonight and gave her Angel Delight for pudding. This was not very tactical from my point of view as giving a small child anything with sugar or E numbers in it after 4 p.m. is asking for trouble but luckily for me she didn’t really like it so the full bowl of it is still sitting in our fridge.

I am not really keen on her having anything with sugar in it so I am not sure what inspired me to feed it to her an hour before bedtime but I had a lucky escape!

I have got quite a busy day planned for us tomorrow starting with an attempt to get up, get both of us dressed and ready and into town for when a cafe opens at 9 for breakfast. I then plan to get her back in time for her nap around 10:30 to 11, mow the lawns while she is asleep and then give her lunch in time for when Nonna pops round about 1.

So other than missing Lorna tons, so far so good for operation Hen do weekend; I am off to eat that Angel Delight.

Saturday 12:50.

Considering the early wake-up call at 05:20 we are doing ok today.

Took LT for breakfast which was nice although I didn’t look up where the cafe was before I left and ended up walking up and down the road for half an hour trying to find it. I let LT walk with the reigns on which means everything takes three times as long as she likes to stop every time she sees a dog, shop window, bingo hall, lamp post or old person.

I passed a couple of Dads on the way, walking with their young babies in buggies. I felt a strong feeling of solidarity with them and almost wound down the window and pumped my fist shouting ‘yeah brother’ but I probably would have got some funny looks being it was half 8 in the morning in Worthing.

One thing I always forget and never really appreciate when Lorna is here is that it is very difficult to go to the loo, especially when I am out and about with LT. I spent the whole morning needing the loo as it just seemed like too much hassle to take her into the toilets in the cafe.

After breakfast, we took an LT paced walk back to the car stopping to wave at some hairdressers and I only encountered one mini melt down when Justin’s House stopped playing on the I Pad while I was driving; not bad.

I decided to be super productive and mowed both our lawns while LT had a nap, this afternoon we are off to a pick your own fruit place with Nonna.

Inspecting the goods at the Pick Your Own Farm.

Sunday 07:27.

I just woke up, pah as if! Another 5:20 wake up call this morning from her majesty made sure of that. I think she was definitely crying out for Mummy this morning.

Didn’t update this last night as was too tired so tried to be sensible and get an early night.

Something that is irritating me today is how inconvenient things can be for parents. Mr. Sainsburys didn’t have us in mind when he decided to open at 10 a.m. on a Sunday, 10 a.m. who the hell doesn’t get up and ready to visit the shop until 10 a.m.?! We will have been up for 5 hours by the time I get us there today; it just isn’t good enough.

Also as a parent I need a drive through everything, they put a Costa express in our local petrol station, what use is that to me when I have to unstrap LT from the car seat, put the reigns on, get the coffee, carry it steaming hot with one hand and the other hand wrestling LT in her reigns, then bribe her back into the car seat with snacks?

The nearest drive through coffee shop that I know of is over 50 miles away on the M40 motorway; useless! It is no good offering pay at the pump petrol then making you walk into the shop to get the coffee, you idiots.

Anyway, we had a great time at the pick your own yesterday. LT loved it and helped us pick some nice plums and today I am going to attempt getting her to help me make crumble with it.

Proud of picking a yummy plum!

This will probably just involve her rubbing butter in her hair and throwing flour all over the kitchen so I will update you on how I get on.

Sunday 19:17.

So the crumble making was a success, LT didn’t even rub butter in her hair or make any mess at all! She stood patiently watching me make the crumble then stuck her finger in the mix to taste it!

This goes in here Daddy.

Other than that a pretty non-eventful day, we went to Sainsbury’s when it finally decided to open at 10 o’clock, LT slept for 2 and a quarter hours and then we went and picked Lorna up from the station.

So I have learnt this weekend that parenting on your own although very rewarding, is tough. The minor inconveniences I experienced like being desperate for a wee, lack of drive through coffee shops and unreasonably late supermarket opening times are insignificant to what single parents have to go through week in week out. I feel extremely lucky that a) LT wasn’t teething or unwell and b) that we have each other to help one another and generally just be there.

It was nice bonding time and although I felt exhausted last night it was a contented and proud exhausted feeling.

I think I have a bit of time until Aunty Faye’s hen do so who knows, by then there might be a drive through Starbucks near us and a supermarket that opens on a parent’s timetable; I live in hope!

Until next time…..

Be excellent to each other.

The Taylors xx

Post by Daddy.


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