Hola to Menorca and no Wi-Fi!


Hola to Menorca and no Wi-Fi!

So we had our first family holiday abroad last month in the lovely Insotel resort at Punta Prima. Let me explain what we loved about Menorca; including the no Wi-Fi zone!

I Ain’t Getting on no Plane, Fool!

Although we had BA Baracus level anxiety about LT’s first flight it went really well in the end and she behaved perfectly.

I suppose that we were nervous about being enclosed in a small space with her if she was unhappy, unwell or just a bit unsettled. No one wants to be ‘that family’ on the plane that does everyone’s head in with their noisy baby.

Luckily though as we were on a Thompson flight to a family resort every other person had a baby sitting next to them, sitting on them or climbing up them.

We even managed to fit a sleep in at the airport!

Airplane Mode.

Obviously, we switched our phones to airplane mode when we ready to board the plane but once we got off I thought sod it, I may as well leave it on airplane mode as I don’t plan on using the phone abroad.

There was something instantly relaxing about switching the phone off and not being interrupted and not having to think about notifications or tweets. This along with being with Lorna and LT and not having my life ruled by an Outlook inbox for 7 days was what I had been looking forward to the most as surely there has to be a better way of life, doesn’t there?

We got off the plane and took a selfie, obvs.

Welcome to Menorca.

So we had arrived at Menorca, waited for about 45 minutes to get off the plane and collect our baggage and we were pretty tired, hot and hungry.

So what we really didn’t want to do was sit on a stifling hot coach for 20 minutes for no apparent reason, but that’s exactly what we did!

We were waiting for the transfer to leave and take us to the resort but the driver who did not speak a word of English kept getting off the bus and looking around as if she was waiting for something to happen. This went on for a good 15 minutes until, in the end, she had obviously had enough so she went inside the airport and came back accompanied by a young girl in a TUI tee shirt.

This girl was obviously a rep who had the job of welcoming everyone to Menorca and giving some sort of health and safety briefing. In reality what this consisted of was her standing at the front of the bus looking at her shoes like a teenager that just got out of bed with a hangover mumbling something along the lines of ‘Welcome to Menorca, do your seatbelt up, don’t drink the water’??

Everybody Loves a Buffet.

Feeling energised and inspired by the motivational words of the holiday rep we stepped off the coach at the resort, dumped our bags and headed straight to the restaurant to check out the all-inclusive buffet.

I had heard about all-inclusive before and I think it must depend on where you go and how much you pay as to how much you get ‘free’. In my mind, we paid for the room and the flight and everything else was free so it took a while to get my head around the fact that everything, literally everything was ‘inclusive’.

Pretty sure I can fit this whole apple in my mouth!

We visited the bar after dinner and I saw a menu with prices on it so I nervously asked the waiter which drinks were all inclusive and which we had to pay for, ‘oh no’ he said ‘everything is inclusive’ ‘you mean everything?’ I answered back, ‘yes’ he said, ‘what these cocktails’ I said pointing at a drink that looked expensive ‘yes’ he said.

I ordered a Beer and a San Gria and then spent the next ten minutes telling Lorna that everything behind the bar was free.

Not only were the drinks free, they turned a blind eye to you casually walking around the resort with large measures of spirits or cocktails in your hand on your way back to your room. They also didn’t mind you taking the rest of the bottle of wine that you had with dinner back to your room.

We shamelessly strolled back to our room to get LT to sleep each night accompanied by the ‘chink’ of glass as the half full bottle of wine that we got for free rocked back and forth in the pocket at the back of our pushchair.

One Small Step for Man Kind.

So we headed to the pool on the first day to check out the facilities and let LT have a good play and a splash around.

We had bought her this really nice little wetsuit style swimming costume which apart from apparently indicating to everyone that she was a boy (because it was Blue, not Pink, don’t get me started) was perfect for the pool.

Unfortunately though because it had trousers to it she started to wear through the knees crawling about, that was until she suddenly started getting up and taking steps!

All of a sudden LT started to totter about on her feet without holding on to anything and then she was off, anytime she was not in the buggy she wanted to be walking hand in hand with Mummy or Daddy it was amazing!

The first time I walked hand in hand with LT felt really special, there is just something really nice about guiding her first little steps by holding her hand.

A walk in the park.

Party Animal.

The resort had really good entertainment for the kids, every evening they did a mini cinema for the children with cartoons on a big screen then they did entertainment on the stage and a baby disco.

LT was in her element; she loves it when we put music on at home and always gets up to have a dance so she jumped at the chance to bust some moves with other children at the disco.

As well as watching her take her fist steps the other really heart-warming thing we saw on holiday was how easily LT makes friends. Anytime there was another toddler or a even a ‘big kid’ in sight she didn’t hesitate in approaching them to have a good old chat, to hold their hand or give them a hug.

There were lots of foreign families at the resort but toddler talk is obviously universal so this didn’t hold LT back in making friends.

There was one little girl in particular that was fond of LT and as she was older (probably about 8 years old) she took her under her wing and made sure that she was alright at the baby disco each night; cute.

By the time we had prized LT away from the dancefloor our evenings were spent on the patio to our room playing cards and drinking the free wine.

As we were on holiday, we overindulged on the buffet food and LT lived on a diet that pretty much consisted of chips for the entire week. LT also tried ice cream for the first time and she is a big fan!

Stopping for a hard earned ice cream break.

Life’s a Beach.

There was a really nice little beach about 200 yards from the resort and although we walked past it a few times and I took the opportunity to go for a dip in the sea, we didn’t visit the beach for the whole day. We preferred to stay by the pool where LT could play, eat ice cream and steal other kid’s inflatable toys.

Nice view.

So we boarded the plane home with some lovely memories of our first ever holiday abroad; walking hand in hand with LT, watching her make friends for the first time at the disco, spending our days splashing around in the pool and of course the copious amounts of free food and booze.

If you asked me what the best part of this holiday was though I would say it was just being together for 7 whole days.

No work, no worries and the whole day from the moment we woke up to the moment we went to sleep just to spend together; bliss.

Just time for one more ice cream for the road.

We are saving hard and planning the next Taylor family holiday already…until next time…

Be excellent to each other.

The Taylors.

Post by Daddy xx




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