Throwing a Wobbly, Blowing a Kiss.

Throwing a Wobbly, Blowing a Kiss.

As LT has very nearly reached the grand old age of 1 years old, (yes 1 years old can you be’flippinglieve it?!) I thought that it was only right that we provide an update on her developments.

This is a report from the front line of a Dad who is surviving in a house with two strong-willed women, and one of them is only 11 months old!

Throwing a Wobbly.

So what has our little girl been up to? Where do I begin?

I have heard of the terrible two’s and threenagers but I didn’t think that an 11-month-old baby could develop a knack for throwing a wobbly; how wrong I was!

If we catch LT in the wrong mood and try and change her nappy boy do we know about it, I quite admire her for being so strong willed at such a young age.

I probably won’t be saying that in 2 years time when she is throwing herself around on the floor of a supermarket because we won’t let her fill the trolley with multipacks of Monster Munch and the contents of the sweetie aisle but for now I can’t help but smile when she throws a temper.

Her other favourite game is to hold on to her Mummy’s phone with a vice like grip when I try to take it off her to turn Siri off as it regularly rudely interrupts an episode of Franklin and Friends.

Just catching up with some episodes of my favourite shows.

She is so Advanced For Her Age.

How many times have you heard that before?

Lorna and I are lucky as we get to share our opinions on how advanced LT is with the whole world through the power of this blog. Seriously though she does some pretty impressive tricks for someone that can still be bribed with Cow and Gate.

She can point to her nose, point to her head, point to your head and on a good day she can even point to her ears and mouth!

She is really good at telling us when she has had enough food, the only problem for us is that this involves her shuffling it off her high chair table onto the floor.

My favourite trick of all though is the dancing. All that we have to do is play some music or for the theme tune of Barney to come on to YouTube and she starts this little shimmy that she does; it is super cute.

Living in our house she is forever surrounded by music and I love to see that this is rubbing off on her.

Blowing a Kiss.

This has got to be the best part of my day, second only to when I come home after work to find LT and Lorna playing together and waiting for me to come in.

LT crawls out to the hall when I leave for work in the morning and as Lorna holds her to say goodbye she blows kisses at me.

In the morning when she has just woken up we bring her into our bed and if we say ‘kisses’ she does the traditional kid thing of lunging towards you with her mouth open; it is amazing! She rotates between Lorna and I to make sure that we both get a kiss.

There is nothing more heartwarming than seeing your own daughter learn how to show affection like this.


Another amazing and enjoyable thing that we can do now with LT is take her to the park.

Every so often for a treat Lorna brings her in to see me on my lunch break at work. The picture below is from when we took her to the park that is local to where I work and they have one of those giant swings that you can both sit on.

Sharing a moment together.

Bye Bye Baby, Hello Little Girl.

I probably can’t pinpoint the exact time that it happened but it was almost as if we just woke up one day and LT was no longer a baby she was a little girl.

She has her own little personality, she knows what she wants, she has favourite food, favourite TV programmes and favourite books.

It is unbelievable to think that this time last year we were on the edge of our seats waiting for Lorna to give birth at any minute and now our little miracle comes into our bed every morning and gives us kisses before demanding an episode of Barney before breakfast.

Look out for more updates coming soon to the blog, we are gonna be pretty busy over the next 2 weeks planning LT’s birthday celebrations!

Until next time….

Be excellent to each other.

The Taylors.

Post by Daddy. xx


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