A Review of Baked Worthing #TaylorMadeTop5.

A Review of Baked Worthing as part of our exciting new series ‘The #TaylorMadeTop 5 child-friendly places to eat & drink in Worthing.

The Lowdown.

So we decided to set ourselves a mission, a mission that will see us tour the very finest child-friendly places to eat and drink that our lovely town of Worthing has to offer.

There will be cake, copious amounts of cake, there will be coffee, gallons of it, there will be the best sandwiches, paninis, burgers, pizzas and any other scrumptious food that we fancy testing out along the way and best of all our little girl will be with us everywhere we go.

You see the aim of this mission is to provide local parents or visitors to Worthing with a guide to where they can take their little ones for a guaranteed plate of perfect food or a spot on cuppa with room to plonk a high chair or park a buggy.

We are not talking about the simple stuff; everybody knows that the Pavillion cafe at the end of the pier is great for kids, no we are talking about the hidden gems or not so well known spots that may be off the beaten track slightly, they may be doing something different that has grabbed our attention or they may just  be downright top notch quality and worthy of a visit.

We plan on visiting and reviewing a whole host of places, we will then compile a #TaylorMadeTop5 based on a unique TaylorMade rating factor. This marks out of 10 system will take into account atmosphere, child friendliness, quality of food and quality of coffee (as every parent knows that good coffee can often be lifesaving, right?).

So here we go with our first review of the tour; Baked Worthing a lovely cafe on the West side of town.


A Cafe With a Difference.

So if you haven’t visited Baked before you probably, like us just presumed that it was just another cafe. In fact, Baked is a social enterprise and they use the power of their business to create positive social change in West Sussex.

They actively promote and support local charities, community projects and they offer a space that is used not only as a cafe but as a venue to hold a series of their own events. They are dedicated to supporting young people through part-time opportunities and work experience and they source as much of their produce and ingredients from local suppliers as possible.

An example of this amazing social enterprise in action was a project that they did called ‘Pop Up Baked’. Pop Up Baked gave the opportunity to budding young chefs to host their own evening of food at Baked; how cool is that? Check out the Baked blog for more details of what happened here.

So wait, hold the phone you mean to say that Baked support local businesses, help the community and give guidance to young people? We were sold as soon as we read the first few words of their website.

Man I Love The Cake.

Let’s get one thing straight; we love cake. Lorna is a keen baker and in my opinion makes the best Lemon Drizzle cake that has ever graced the planet. I am probably biased but she could literally give Mary Berry a run for her money in the baking department so it takes a lot to impress us when it comes to cake.

We were impressed with the selection and more importantly the home baked goodness that Baked has to offer. All of their cakes and brownies are baked by their own fair hands on the premises of the cafe and are super fresh using locally sourced ingredients.

Hmmmmmm Cake.

Lorna went for the Peanut and Snickers Brownie and I chose Chocolate Ganache cake that was delicious.

Alongside cake the next most life-sustaining, enjoyable and most days completely essential thing in our lives is coffee. If it is strong, well made and it comes in a large enough cup then we are happy!

The coffee at Baked ticks all of these boxes and was very nice indeed. It was also very reasonably priced at £2.50 for a large; bonus!

A Perfect Bit of People Watching.

There is nothing that LT likes to do more than people watch so she was over the moon with the large glass front to the Baked cafe and sat there quite happily, putting down her sandwich occasionally to wave to strangers as they walked past.

Hi there!

The staff were very child-friendly and made a fuss of LT which was very nice. There is plenty of room at Baked to manoeuvre a buggy and the Ikea high chair was perfect.

There are no baby change facilities but enough room to change a nappy at the back of the cafe if absolutely necessary. When you are stopping off for a cuppa and a slice of cake the lack of baby change facilities is not overly important in our book.

So How Did it Score?

All in all we thought that Baked Worthing was great, really child-friendly and a nice little stop off for a homemade treat made from locally sourced produce.

The work that Baked are doing to support local charities and young people in the town is great to see and we would rather spend our money here than in a chain like Starbucks any day of the week.

Using the TaylorMade rating we give Baked 8 out of 10 and will most definitely be visiting again; we loved it.

Keep an eye out for the next stop on our tour to find the most child-friendly places to eat and drink in Worthing.

Have you been to a great cafe or restaurant in Worthing? We would love to hear any recommendations so please drop a comment below.

Until next time…..

Be excellent to each other.

The Taylors.

Post by Daddy.


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