My Taylor Made Snail Trail.

So we decided to be more snail and head out to see the Brighton Snail Trail today and it was great!

It was a fine, sunny, Autumnal day and although there was a cold wind we wrapped the kiddies up well, packed the car and off we went.

If you don’t already know, the Snail Trail is a fundraising project for the Martlets Hospice a place that we will always have a space in our hearts for.

The trail is on from 15th September until 18th November and features a range of bespoke painted snail sculptures that have been created by artists, funded by local individuals and businesses.

There are 50 snails in total and we managed around 10 of them which took around three hours with a picnic stop and a trip to the park thrown in for good measure.

Our day began with a ‘lie in’ until twenty past six, thanks to the clocks changing, for the past few days LT has been waking us up at ten past five every morning without fail so I was relieved to look at the clock and see that we had made it past six!

Feeling refreshed, we started at the Hove end of the trail and Norman Cook’s snail was the first one that LT spotted.

Early bird catches the…snail?

LT was very impressed by the bold colourful snail and was eager to spot more!

We had picked up a route map but there is tons of information on the Snail Trail website too.

Here Comes The Hotstepper.

This was the first proper walk we had done since Lorna recovered from the C section so we were keen to get in as many steps and walk as far as possible without overdoing it.

Taking a stroll.

I have also been putting some serious training into my Dad bod so a blast of fresh air and a good swift walk was just what I needed!

Other than needing to be vigilant for excitable cyclists that think that a cycle lane entitles them to nearly mow down toddlers the seafront from Hove to Brighton does make an amazing walk and is so nice on a sunny day.

Say cheese!

Next up was a snail made to look like a fairground bumper car LT loved this one!

At one with nature…sort of.

By the third snail into the trail, LT was besotted with them and didn’t hesitate in hugging them at every opportunity for a photo!

They really were impressive to see with so much detail in the painting, you can tell how much time must have gone into them.

They did have a sign around the base advising people not to climb on them but we took that as properly climbing on top of them and let LT stand on the base (sorry!).

Mummy get off me!!!

Cheap Date.

We are fans of a cost-free day out and the Snail Trail is brilliant fun that doesn’t cost a penny.

We packed up our own lunch and found a nice bench in Palmeira Square to sit and eat it, just staying long enough for a quick rest before we set off to keep LT’s hunger for snail spotting satisfied.

Poor little ET has a cold at the moment so she slept through the whole Snail Trail!

Sleeping beauty.

Best friends.

We made it down to the Brighton end of the seafront and stopped off at the playpark near the I360 so that LT could have a runaround.

The playpark there is really good and has great toilets which are within the gated part of the park. These were put to good use when we had an emergency poo situation.

We don’t carry a potty anymore but luckily LT is very good at telling us when she needs to go, usually when we are in the fast lane of the motorway or on a dual carriageway!

Spot the toddler!

One of the best on the trail.

The variety of artwork that we saw just in seeing those 10 snails was amazing and getting LT to spot them was a great game.

We were all flagging by the time we reached Western road so we decided to get the trusty 700 bus back along the seafront to Hove.

LT kept the other passengers entertained all the way by singing twinkle twinkle little star and then promptly fell asleep as soon as we had got back to the car and started the engine; all snailed out!

We would highly recommend visiting the Snail Trail as soon as you can before it ends; it’s a great family trip out and a brilliant way of reminding yourself how blooming nice the seafront walk from Hove to Brighton really is.

Here is our favourite photo of the trip;

Ta daah!

Until next time….

Be excellent to each other.

The Taylors xx


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