When We Tried Fries Guys.

When We Tried Fries Guys.

So we did the Brighton Marathon this month, well when I say we did it, we sat at the finish line and ate chips. When I say chips I am not talking about just any chips; I am talking about the original and authentic loaded fries from Fries Guys.

Fries Guys is the brainchild of business partners Jim and Mat and the concept was born one drunken night when Jim was fumbling through the cupboards of his kitchen in search of the perfect recipe to transform a bland plate of chips.

The guys currently sell their product at festivals, events, weddings and other special occasions so I was eager to get a chance to sample the goods when I heard that they were pitching up at the Brighton Marathon.

Lorna was busy working on the day so I enlisted the expert help of the only fries connoisseur that I know; LT’s Aunty Faye.

No Sleep til’ Brighton.

I set off nice and early as I wanted to beat any marathon traffic and get to Brighton in time to go on a nice long walk whilst LT had her morning nap. As usual, my perfectly made plans were scuppered, LT was having none of it and despite walking with her for 2 hours she didn’t sleep a wink.

She was far more interested in sitting in the sling waving at the runners and clapping as they went past so I gave up on the idea of a morning nap and went to meet Faye.

It was uncharacteristically hot for early April which was not ideal for marathon running so I really felt for those who were taking part, however, I had my own little marathon challenge going on; it wasn’t easy walking up and down the hilly streets of Brighton carrying LT and pushing a buggy full of the usual surplus emergency kit that is necessary for any trip further than 500 yards from our front door.

Spare clothes, spare nappies, sun cream, and water were just some of the essentials that I had packed in case of an emergency poo leak/sun burn/dehydration disaster.

Chips, Just Give me Chips.

By the time we got to the seafront where the finish line and the promise of two portions of loaded fries were waiting it literally felt like I had run a marathon. I had been walking for 4 hours straight at this point and I may as well have been handed a gold medal for the quickest marathon time when I was handed that magic carton of loaded fries goodness; it was just as emotional and rewarding.

When the chips are down.

We opted for Peanut Butter Jelly Fries (yes you read that right peanut butter and jelly on fries) and Funk & Soul Fries. The other menu options looked just as intriguing and delicious;

The Peanut Butter Jelly Fries are the Fries Guys flagship offering and although the combination sounds a bit whacky they were amazing. You get just the right balance of sweet and sour with the peanut butter mustard and chilli jam and this combined with the oozing melted cheese on the fries was incredible.

The Funk & Soul Fries were my favourite of the two as I love a bit of heat and they had just the right amount with the Fries Guys bespoke sweet chilli sauce and chorizo. The Bacon Rain is a great invention, it is like a light dusting of ground up Bacon croutons that finishes the topping off just right.

LT checks out the goods.

The Verdict.

Any kind of street food like this is right up my street (yes, that pun was awful) so I knew that the Fries Guys had a fair shot at impressing me but what did the fries connoisseur think to them?

In the words of LT’s Aunty Faye ‘these chips are damn good….and I know my chips!’

Every parent knows that naughty but nice sustenance is essential to fuel all that daily buggy pushing, nappy changing, nursery rhyme singing, and baby rocking activity and the Fries Guys provide the perfect dose of satisfying food that is good for the soul.

Let’s get this straight this is an indulgent treat that is not going to do your waistline any favours but as a hungry stop off at a festival or on a special occasion these loaded fries are well in order so leave the diet at the door and get involved.

Check out the Fries Guys website to keep up with where you can find them this summer; you will not be let down by Jim and Mat’s loaded fries recipes and that is a TaylorMade promise!

Keep your eye on the blog, Facebook Page and Twitter for the next installment of our #MyTaylorMade top 5 series and also look out for a copy of Here & Now Magazine next month for our review of a fantastic Worthing cafe.

Until next time…..

Be excellent to each other.

The Taylors xx

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