We have not written one of these regular posts in a while so we are back with another #TBT memory.

Mummy’s Pic.

LT was just a day old here and was all snuggled up in bed with me as I couldn’t bear to let her go. Recently LT has been so cuddly again (the joys of teething) and it reminded me of the early days when I’d sit and stare at her pretty much all day whilst she slept and I recovered.

I sometimes miss those days but love how we can now play together and read and just generally be pretty silly together. I am making the most of it as I know that there will be a point where she’ll want to be independent.

I know it is a day late but she is all the inspiration I need so for international women’s day it was all about her. I hope that she grows up to do what she wants, that she loves what she does and is an inspiration to others.

Daddy’s pic.

This is another photo that was taken when LT was only very tiny (3 weeks old).

I love how she is holding her face as if to say ‘please, the constant milk and cuddles that you are subjecting me to are exhausting’!

If there is a photo that sums up international women’s day for me it is this; Lorna holding LT with the proudest smile ever. I have written here about how LT’s birth has inspired me so much and I only have to look at this photo to know how lucky I am to have them both. This photo captures a fond memory that I will cherish forever.

Until next time…..

Be excellent to each other.

The Taylors xx


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