Back With Another One of Those Tot Tormenting Teeth.

They are back; those tot tormenting teeth!

Since Lorna fell pregnant with LT we have received all sorts of advice, some good and some bad on all sorts of topics. From sleep routines to feeding advice we have heard it all.

However, no one ever mentions the T word.

I can hear you collectively breath out of your mouth and shake your head in sympathy as it dawns on you what this post is about; LT is teething.

When I say teething; she has been teething for 3 months now for the second bout of teeth and there is still no sign of them. As there are no teeth it would be more fitting to call what she is going through ‘agonising screaming’ rather than teething.

‘I have a question when does this teething stop?!’

They Don’t Come With a Manual You Know!

The fact is that no one can give you any advice about teething because nobody really knows what to say to help.

If you asked a health visitor what to do about teething or how long it was going to last you would be met with the same dramatic sharp intake of breath that you get when you ask a mechanic how much it is going to cost to fix the leaking radiator on your car.

The thing about parenting is that you think that you have cracked it and then BAM! something like teething comes along and you are back to square one.

We were quite strict in the early days in getting LT into a routine and it worked for us. Within the first few months we really started to feel like we had got the hang of everything, we were in a nice little routine and we all knew where we stood.

A good friend of mine gave me some excellent advice; ‘kids always have to know what is coming next’ and that is so true.

LT knew that every night I would get in from work and would whip her into a frenzy of excitement with toys, games and story books. Then we would calm her down with a nice bath and she would have her bottle then sleep. Yes you read that right our baby would sleep.

Seconds Out Round Two.

The first bout of teething seemed to have been and gone without too much trouble really. In fact when we wrote out first ever blog post in October 2016 LT was teething.

This second bout of teething though has been a whole different story.

The teething pain came along, ripped up our routine and threw it out of the window. At times it honestly felt like we did not know what day it was.

Some nights I would sleep in the spare room because the only place we could get LT to sleep would be in our bed and now that she is bigger we do not all fit comfortably in it. Some nights we would do shifts so I would fall asleep first on the sofa with LT on top of me in the sling because that was the only way that we could get her to sleep, then when she woke up in the night I would go upstairs and wake Lorna up and we would switch.

We were all over the shop.

‘Yeah, I am teething get over it!’

The Fear.

Then, after a rough night when it got to late afternoon we would start to experience the fear. The fear that tonight was going to be the same as last night and we would not get to sleep in our own bed or be able to settle LT.

LT’s teething was completely unpredictable; one night she would be screaming uncontrollably and totally unsettled and the next night she would have her bath and her bottle and be out like a light.

Life really was like an unsettled and sleep deprived box of chocolates; we really didn’t know what we were gonna get.

We have tried everything, a teething anklet, Calpol, Ambesol, teething granules and although some of it helps nothing really touches the sides.

It was like one day LT woke up and she was a different baby, she would not sit still for longer than 5 seconds, she put her arms out to be picked up so we picked her up and she wanted to be put down.

Everything from the remote control to her Nonna’s slippers went in her mouth to chew on just to provide some relief to the agonising pain that she must have been going through.

The thing that is most frustrating as a parent is that you feel helpless. You can comfort your child and keep them entertained to take their mind off the pain of teething but there really is not much more that you can do.

So that my friends is our experience of teething; frustrating and painful but we just keep telling ourselves that it could be worse and we are in it together so we will get through it.

There is always time for smiles in between the teething pain.

What has your experience of teething been as a parent? We would love to hear from you so drop your comments below.

**UPDATE: Since starting writing this post this week a tooth has appeared! Round two is over….we hope.

Until next time…..

Be excellent to each other.

The Taylors xx

Post by Daddy.


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