Our First Family Holiday; Daddy’s Memories

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We took our first family holiday in September 2016 to Perranporth, Cornwall.

This destination meant a lot to me as my Dad took me there every year as a kid. We used to go to a really nice guest house that was walking distance to the beach and I have got so many fond memories of our trips there. My Dad was a milkman and he used to be so used to getting up early in the morning that he would insist on setting off at 4 in the morning to beat the traffic from the Midlands.

It never mattered though as to me as an 8-year-old kid it was strangely exciting being up and setting off on an adventure with my Dad while everyone else was still asleep and it was still dark.

Being based down South we had quite a pleasant drive most of which was away from the motorways on A roads. We were a bit nervous about how well LT was going to travel though so we booked a hotel at a half way point in Dorchester. This was a lovely little stop off and we managed to find a great pub and grabbed dinner at a Prezzo to keep it simple.

Little LT relaxing at our hotel.

We stayed at the Perran Sands Haven holiday park which is situated right behind the dunes of the beach.

We opted for a standard caravan and I can highly recommend them for a small family. When Lorna mentioned caravan I had images of the off white 10 feet long things that you see rattling along the M25 attached to the back of a Ford Mondeo. The caravan though was great and very cosy.

At this time LT was still sleeping in our room so we wanted to set the carry cot up in our room in the caravan.

This proved to be a challenge, well it proved to be impossible actually which was probably no bad thing as the carry cot they delivered to us smelt ever so slightly of stale toddler sick; nice.

Instead, we set up a make shift bed made of duvets and pillows next to our bed and it worked a treat! Maybe the sea air helped but LT slept like a dream for most of the holiday.

The Haven park was great it had two or three restaurants to choose from, a swimming pool with flumes, and most importantly it had a shop that featured a Costa express machine; essential and often life-saving equipment for any first-time parents.

We have decided to definitely visit this Haven site again when LT is a bit older as there was an excellent schedule of kid’s activities all through the day and into the evening.

I think it is fair to say that my expectations of the holiday were probably pretty far removed from the reality but that is because I sort of forgot that we had a 5-month-old baby with us while I was getting excited on the build up to the holiday. I was imagining lazing in the sun and spending time in the sea, stuffing ourselves with cream teas, Cornish scones, pasties and having my first beer at 11 a.m. every day. We managed our fair share of these things but I didn’t appreciate how much we worked around LT’s schedule; she sure showed us who is boss!

She also came up with a new noise that I find hard to describe; it was sort of a cross between a continual grunt and a humming sound that she made when she was starting to get tired. LT has always been one for falling asleep in the buggy so we took the opportunity to go for lots of nice walks along the coast and around the quaint little town centre of Perranporth.

LT & Daddy enjoying a walk.

This was lovely and relaxing but also at times quite tiring! One day when LT was a bit unsettled, after walking for some time I checked the app on my phone and we had walked for 9 miles trying to get her to sleep!

The highlight of the trip for me was the beach at Perran Sands. It stretches for miles and the coastal path that runs along the top provides amazing views of the surfers that use the sea daily as well as some epic sunsets. There is also what I can only describe as probably the best pub in the world on Perran Sands The Watering Hole.

The pub is situated right on the beach; it has a huge decked area with canopies above it where you can grab some shade from the sun and sit having a drink whilst looking out to sea.

I have got so many lovely memories of this holiday that this post could go on for hours. I know that if my Dad was still here he would have loved larking around with us in the sea and I only hope that I can do him proud by giving LT just as many magical holiday memories as she grows up in the future.

Please note that we were not bribed with cornish pasties or compensated in any way by Haven or The Watering Hole to write this post.

Check out Lorna’s account of the holiday here.

Until next time….

Be excellent to each other.

The Taylors.

Post by Daddy xx



  1. Anne Morley
    January 19, 2017 / 7:26 am

    AMAZING to read about Perranporth. John had childhood holidays there and we stayed at Perran Sands when Chris and Paul were young. John and I still visit Perranporth as often as we can and the Watering Hole is my favourite pub in the whole world! Perranporth feels like our second home.

    • davidjamestaylor
      January 19, 2017 / 8:40 am

      Hi Anne, funny you should say that as we met my Mum and step Dad while we were there and they had just watched Paul in a play at an open theatre in Cornwall and said how good he was! What a coincidence! We are counting down until our next visit. 🙂 Thanks for stopping by.

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