The Poo Obsessed Sleep Police.

My previous obsessions with shoes, handbags and jewellery are a thing of the past; my new thing is poo and sleep!

I can’t deny it any longer; I am officially the poo obsessed sleep police. I can hear you chuckle away to yourself thinking ‘I am glad I am not the only one….’ Well at least I hope that is what you are thinking.

Let’s start with the poo obsession; when LT first arrived and the community midwife came to visit us at home this was one of the first questions they ask. ‘How many dirty nappies have there been today?’. Well in my drugged up, sleep deprived state I did not realise that you had to count these things but this soon became part of my daily note taking! (Sad but true, I kept a note!).

I never thought that I would turn into that person who checked her daughter’s nappies so carefully. Was it the right colour, consistency and did it smell right?! Yes that was me. I have since relaxed and don’t take a note of it on my phone but I hold my midwife solely responsible for making me that ‘woman obsessed with poo’.

It soon became apparent that once LT was in some kind of a routine we needed to have some scheduled napping. Now I’ve never been one of these parents who is regimented with the timing of the naps but I knew the signs and started to realise that the only way to get our little lady to nap was to pound the pavements!

Great for the waistline but not so great if we needed a lazy day in the house as LT rarely let me put her down in the cot to nap. I found myself stressing so much about how many naps LT was having and whether they were long enough or not that I used to get worked up and even call Dave at work in a panic sometimes.

I used to think that the books were rubbish about naps making babies sleep better at night but I have since realised that this is true, well in our case anyway.

It is safe to say that I have relaxed more especially with the naps and since I realised there was no point in stressing so much LT seems to sleep a lot better. Perhaps it is right what they say about when you are set stressed they sense it too?

I’ve had many job titles; Post Office Assistant, Steward, Sales Assistant, Administrator, Tour Co-ordinator, Poo Obsessed Sleep Police, but my favourite will always be Mummy.

Until next time…

Be excellent to each other.

The Taylors. Xxx

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  1. January 1, 2017 / 12:11 pm

    Happy New Year! She is a real cutie pie! Enjoy every minute. It flies!

    • January 1, 2017 / 2:44 pm

      Happy new year! Thanks we will do it’s my plan for this year to cherish every moment 😃

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