Hi folks it is #TuesdayTunesday time again.

To check out the idea behind this regular post take a peek at this.

So this week we are sharing the ‘Sounds of Our Summer’ playlist.

I put this together when we went on our first ever family holiday in September this year. We went to Perranporth in Cornwall which was amazing and very special to me as my Dad used to take me there on holiday every year as a kid.

We listened to this playlist all the way there in the car and it provided the soundtrack to a holiday that we will remember forever.

So kick back, relax, make a cuppa, forget the cold weather and dark winter nights for a while and check out some summer sounds!

We hope that you enjoy the playlist and if so feel free to share this post or drop a comment below; you could even request a tune for next time!

Until next time…

Be excellent to each other.

The Taylors.

Post by Daddy.



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