A Real Crafty Christmas Gift

Since LT arrived my drinking habits have naturally changed. I have gone from condensing drinking into a Friday or Saturday night to drinking less and really enjoying just the one drink to wind down of an evening.

Drinking more than one or two beers does not mix well with disturbed sleep or getting up early so nowadays I prefer to just have the one beer but to really enjoy that one beer (and this is usually on a school night!).

This means that I can enjoy craft beer a lot more now for a couple of reasons; firstly it is generally at the more expensive end of the market and secondly, craft beer is the kind of drink that you really indulge in and enjoy.

To sum up craft beer in a nutshell think of this; you know those run of the mill lagers that you have got in the fridge that are average in taste? Imagine that a really trendy, upbeat, witty cousin of theirs who is a bit rebellious, really well dressed and super stylish has come round to stay; that is craft beer!

Craft beer is brewed with love by artisan and independent breweries all over the world and you don’t have to be a hipster with a beard to enjoy it, it is a more refined and unique drink to it’s bland and flavourless cousin Lager and there is so much variety that there really is a craft beer for everyone.

So the perfect present for a parent, a grandparent or any beer lover this Christmas is a subscription to Beer 52.

Beer52 is a craft beer club based around a simple idea; you sign up and the experts at Beer52 curate a bespoke crate of 8 beers from around the world each month which they send to you in the post accompanied with a handy magazine full to the brim of beer based info and facts.

When my crate arrived it truly felt like a special gift; I could not wait to prize it open and see which beers awaited me!


The crate contains beers from as far a field as Belgium, Tyne & Wear, Bristol, Oregon USA, Ellon Scotland, and between the Fells and the Fjord in Norway! It even came with a free little packet of spicy nuts and seeds; bonus!

Here are some tasting notes from some of my favourites:

Mikkeller (Belgium)

Session IPA: light and hoppy with a citrus tang. Easy to drink and perfect from the fridge.
OL Beer (Belgium)

Snappy little number, very crisp and hoppy; my best of the bunch.

Flower Power American Amber (Belgium)

A beer with a kick. Deep, bold flavours cut with a punchy refreshing twist. This beer is bound to get any party started!


Above is the full selection in all its glory. The selection of beers was top notch, the delivery was prompt, lightly packaged and the best thing about this as a Christmas present is that the recipient gets a box to unwrap every month!

So here is the best bit if you order using the discount code TAYLORMADE10 you will get £10 off your first order!

The guys at Beer52 advise me that to get your order in good time for Christmas you should make it by 16th December to be on the safe side.

To kill two birds with one stone why not order the 3 month package at £23 a case; give a box as a gift for Christmas then keep the following two boxes for yourself; win-win.

So if you will excuse me I am getting back to my Beer52 crate as I still have Oregon, Bristol and Norway’s finest beers to sample; it sure will be a merry Christmas in the Taylor household this year!

Until next time…..

Be excellent to each other.

The Taylors.

Post by Daddy.


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