The theme to this post is simples; we post an old photograph and tell you the story behind it or describe the memories that it holds for us……


This was taken when LT was exactly two weeks old. It reminds me of my paternity leave which was such an incredible time. It seems like a bit of a daze now and a huge mix of emotions but this and loads of other photos that we took during my two weeks leave from work help me to remember exactly how it felt and what it was like. I could write several posts about those two weeks but the immediate thing that springs to mind is the playlist that I compiled for LT. I compile playlists on Spotify all the time but this was special; her first ever mixtape! It contains a mixture of lullabies and nursery rhymes that we still use today to entertain her and get her settled. Starting when Lorna was pregnant and I used to play Reggae to LT through headphones that I held against her bump I have been really keen on exposing LT to as much music and different sounds as possible; I think it is really important and great for her development.


LT was only nine hours old here; I took this photo at 5:30 a.m. after not very much sleep at all. I remember feeling incredibly exhausted but the love that I felt, and still do feel all the time for our little miracle was overwhelming.



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