Hi folks this weeks TBT pics for you!

This picture was taken in mid June of this year so LT would have been 2 months old. I did a walk for Macmillan in memory of my Dad and of Lorna’s Uncle with my Father in Law, Lorna’s Aunty & 2 cousins. The girls came to meet me to cheer me on, at the point this photo was taken I had walked around 20 miles of the 26 mile walk and seeing Lorna and our little LT’s beaming smile just made my day and really spurred me on to complete the walk.


This photo was taken at our wedding reception. When planning the wedding we had arranged to install a milk float inside the venue which we were going to use as a DJ booth. This was in memory of Dave’s Dad as he worked as a milkman and dairy supervisor and always supported Dave’s DJ’ing when he was growing up so it was a really nice idea. At the last minute we found out that the floor in the venue would not stand the weight of the milk float so we searched on line and discovered these amazing lights which were in place in memory of Dave’s Dad. It was a fitting addition as we are all about the love!


Until next time;

Be excellent to each other.

The Taylors.


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