The idea behind this weekly post is simple….we post an old photo and tell you the story behind it!

Daddy: This one was taken when LT was only 1 day old whilst Mummy was still in hospital with her. Despite not sleeping for so long I can still remember the incredibly proud and happy feeling I had going in to the hospital the day after her birth. I felt an intense happiness that I had never experienced before. It also felt like complete chaos and quite scary as we were just trying to get to grips with feeding her and the whole experience was still sinking in. I will treasure this photo forever.

Mummy: Our first ever family picture as The Taylors. LT was just 6 days old here and Dave and I look exhausted as you’d expect with a new baby but it was such a lovely time being at home altogether. I think I cried every day for the first week as it was so overwhelming but at the same time amazing having our little girl home.


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