Review of Tot Rockin’ Beats Our First Ever Baby Rave!


So this weekend we went to our first ever ‘Baby Rave’! The event called Tot Rockin’ Beats was organised by the guys at Don’t Believe the Hype it was a Halloween themed kiddie friendly hip hop, house and soul shindig. The music was supplied by Stick It On which was even better as I got to dust off my skills and spin some tunes for 15 minutes!!

Not really knowing what to expect the afternoon had a feeling of excitement and anticipation just like the run up to any good party and although we had pre-planned the evening and booked tickets in advance the party had a sort of spontaneous spur of the moment feel to it almost like we were all a part of something new and emerging that no one else had heard of; again the same feeling that any good underground party I had ever been to before.

The evening involved a large group of revelers (parents, toddlers and babies) all getting together in a space big enough for a dancefloor, comfy sofas, soft play areas a food outlet and a bar. We opted out of taking our buggy and just strapped LT in to the sling, she had quite a quiet day and was obviously tired when we arrived so it wasn’t long until she was fast asleep amidst the thumping music in true 6 month old baby style!

She later woke up though and we had a good ol’ boogie together which was nice as we didn’t want her to sleep through and miss it. The ‘rave’ went on from 4 p.m. to 7 p.m. which was perfect timing to get the little one home before she got too tired and it meant that we didn’t upset her routine.

The music was great and the atmosphere was wicked but the best thing about the whole night was having our little girl with us. We didn’t have the guilt of leaving her with a babysitter or the worry of whether or not she was behaving and settling o.k. and actually having the chance to all be out as a family having a little dance and a drink felt more liberating than when we had been out on our own and left her with a baby sitter.

Everywhere you looked were the happy faces of toddlers, babies, small kids and their parents and for the first time in ages it felt like being a part of something. You can sometimes feel like you are losing touch as a young parent not being able to get out and about in the evening like you used to but all of that was forgotten. I have raved in loads of venues from nightclubs to fields and festivals ‘back in the day’ and the one common thing at any of those events was a feeling of cohesion and community among everyone that attended who all had something in common; at Tot Rockin’ Beats that something in common was being a parent and that felt good!

So as you can tell we are now huge fans of baby raving and cannot wait for the next Don’t Believe The Hype event.

Respect to Dan at Don’t Believe The Hype for arranging such a great party and for bringing such a unique and child friendly event to our local town and thanks to Stick It On for letting me feel like a floor filling D.J for 15 minutes!

Look out for next week’s blog….

Be excellent to each other,

The Taylors. xx

Post written by Daddy (D.J Embarrassing Daddy)

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