Our First Ever Blog……

Sooooo this is our first ever blog!!! Let us explain what this blog entails and why……

Our little family is comprised of Lorna & Dave (mummy & daddy) LT (our 6 month old little girl) and Walt & Jessie (our cats). We wanted to write a blog to document the adventure that we are having bringing up our little girl so that one day when we are old & grey we can look back on it fondly; sort of like a digital diary!

If just one person read our blog and it inspired them positively or just made them laugh a bit then we would be over the moon, on the other hand if we end up with half a million Twitter followers and an army of companies lining up to give us free stuff then we won’t be complaining either! 🙂

So we will start with a couple of things that happened this weekend…..we had two moments of realization that we are no longer down with the kids and are slowly looking more at ease peering over the rims of our glasses whilst we give a running commentary on the Bake Off pausing occasionally to take a sharp intake of breath when one of the contestant’s pastry bases slips accidentally from their over greased oven tray (schoolboy error). Friends of ours came over for dinner and we realized that we did not know what ‘Dab’ was!!! Yes I can see you frantically googling ‘Dab’ with the same bemused look on your face that we had when we realized a) what is was b) why on earth hadn’t we heard of it and c) we will never have the opportunity to ‘Dab’ with any credibility.

The second moment of realization was planning to go for drinks next month (yes we need at least 6 weeks notice to do anything that involves being out of the house after 5 p.m.) and realizing that we have absolutely no idea where the cool bars or buy one get one free cocktail spots are, we can however tell you exactly where the best baby change facilities are anywhere within a 5 mile radius of our local town and also know that there is a cracking half price toy sale on at Sainsburys at present which ends at the end of this week, in fact it is so good we already bought LT’s Christmas present AND next year’s birthday present.

So there you have it and here is the end to our first ever blog in history….we are looking forward to our first ever ‘baby rave’ this weekend, well not really a rave as such more of a sort of hip-hop/soul/funky shindig with Halloween fancy dress to boot. No doubt we will have more to report and hopefully by the next blog LT will have stopped the current bout of teething as she is really going through the mill with it bless her 🙁

We hope that you have enjoyed reading this and don’t just feel really cheated out of 5 minutes of your life that you will never get back….happy Dab’ing!

Be excellent to each other…..

The Taylor’s xxxx



  1. Mummy Muckups (Anna)
    October 26, 2016 / 7:44 pm

    And so…the big reveal…what IS. dab????

    • October 27, 2016 / 9:23 pm

      It’s a jerky dance move involving a sudden hand/arm gesture that looks a bit like a sneeze it has origins in the Atlanta hip hop scene apparently!?

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